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Arden Jet

Arden Equipment designed the first integrally fitted dust suppression system that helps protect workers and the environment : the Arden Jet !

●The nozzles integrated inside the attachment spray water where and when you need it while operating demolition jobsites.

●The solution targets the source of the dust and controls it efficiently even in strong wind conditions which makes the Arden Jet the perfect solution for high reach machines.

●The water spraying is operated straight from the cabin and no operator is required outside anymore with the water hose which protects your workers from danger. 

●The Arden Jet can be set up on automatic mode which keeps the operator fully focused on the job.

● Furthermore the visibility from the cabin is optimum as the water is atomized leaving no water pool on the ground.

● The several times worldwide awarded solution helps you gain a competitive edge as it reduces your water costs, improves your ecological footprint, boosts your productivity and brings more safety to your workers.

●The Arden Jet solution is available on all Arden Equipment demolition attachments: shears, breakers, pulverizers and grapples. Arden Equipment attachments can be adapted on all machines.

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