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Carrier weight : 2.5 to 70 tons  / 5,500 to 155,000 lbs

The Arden Equipment hydraulic multiprocessor (CU series) is the perfect attachment to demolish, dismantle  concrete or steel (bridges or buildings) and process the materials  

● ideal for primary and secondary demolition  

● quick (10 minutes) change of jaws for more versatility    

● up to 5 different jaw sets for all your applications :                     CB jaw / Concrete shear  

             BB jaw / Concrete crusher   

             BV jaw / perimetric cut  

             BF jaw / Scrap concrete shear  

             CF jaw / Scrap metal shear

● job optimization with each jaw having its own set up for concrete or steel  

● 360 rotation with 1 or 2 motors limiting wearing out of turntable

● no additional drain line needed                                    

● robust and light frame made of abrasion resistant steel  

● fast cycle times thanks to speed valve  ● robust inverted cylinders protected inside frame to ensure the optimum closing force

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