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S series

Carrier weight : 2.5 to 90 tons  / 5,500 to 198,000 lbs

Arden Equipment hydraulic grapples (S series) are engineered to perform tough jobs. Perfectly adapted to demolition, dismantling, sorting, material handling and/or recycling, their robust structure gives them an uncomparable quality for a long versatile service life.

● 3 different standard shells : bar shells, rip-rap shells or open shells made out of heavy duty steel, open perpendicularly to the ground very useful when working along walls

● other special shells for specific needs

● connecting rods to assure correct closing synchronisation of both shells

● 360° rotation with 1 or 2 motors limiting wearing out of turntable

● no additional drain line needed

● treated pins and ringed pin holes for enhanced durability and easy maintenance 

● easy replaceable bolt on blades 

● robust cylinders protected inside frame to  assure great closing force 

● high quality cylinder seals for higher number of cycles 

● plates to protect hydraulic system

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